Working with Spirit

A website visitor from Maryland asks:

I am finding I am sensitive to Spirit in many ways and want to develop this ability safely without connecting with negative energy entities. Can you recommend a path forward?

One of the foundations of our belief system is that the personality of the individual survives beyond our physical life. In other words, only our body dies – the rest of what makes us “us” continues on in spiritual form. That being said, there are spirits who are here to help us, such as family, spirit guides and teachers, while there may be others whose intent might not be as ideal, just as we experience in the physical plane.

When you are working with Spirit, as with anything else in your life, it is important to set your intent. So when you are preparing to work on your development set your intent by calling on the highest intelligence, cosmic consciousness, so that only the vibrations of truth, light love, and healing are allowed to work with you. You can call on your spirit guides and teachers to work with you to ensure that you only deal with spirits who are there to serve your highest good. It’s not that other spirits aren’t there, but it’s your choice who to welcome into your spiritual “house!” No one can bring harm to you unless you allow it!

Just as you don’t want people interfering or playing practical jokes when you are working on something serious, the same concept applies to your spirit work. The following Prayer of Protection is widely used to help people set their intentions for any endeavor. It is based on a poem by James Dillet Freeman:

The light of God surrounds me. The love of God enfolds me. The power of God protects me. The presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is.

As you get to know your spirit guides and teachers, you will learn to trust them, knowing that they are there to serve and protect you. That’s why some people call them “guardian angels.” As you explore, well-intentioned folks may recommend various rituals to protect yourself. The Prayer of Protection is a simple example of this, but remembers, it isn’t the rituals that protect you. Rituals are just different ways of setting intent.

You mentioned that you are sensitive in “many ways.” You might find it helpful to find experienced mediums to practice with, to identify and develop your skills, to build your confidence. You will also learn to set boundaries, so that your communication experiences fit in harmony with the needs of your physical life.

No matter what path you choose, remember that you are always in charge! Thanks for your question.

Blessings to you!