Who are we?

A student recently asked:

Do we maintain our personality when we make our transition, or does the memory of who we were blend in with a single greater consciousness?

What a thought-provoking question! Of course, no one knows with 100% certainty until it happens to us, but from the knowledge we have gained from channeled spiritual wisdom, we have an idea. We know that the personality lives on in some form, and presents itself to us that way when we receive inspiration. Some believe that our individual “self” lives on eternally, and recycles itself through many physical lifetimes of lessons and growth. Others believe that we blend into a greater consciousness, and what we know as our “self” no longer exists in individual form after our body dies, but rather as a component of a greater “self.” Either of these could be true. Chances are the truth is somewhere in between.

We learn from spiritual wisdom, and now science, that even as physical humans, we are all connected by one “mind” of consciousness. Each of us expresses individually, but we are all expressions of the creative force we know as God. If that is true in our physical form, it certainly makes sense that it is true in spiritual form, as well. Whether we continue on as individual identities, or whether we meld into a greater form of consciousness that retains the capacity to express itself as a specific identity that is part of it, or even in smaller subsets of “like” consciousness, we do survive in some form, continuing on our common path of spiritual unfoldment, learning, growing and striving for the knowledge and experience we need to be the being(s) of light we always have been.