The only begotten

A visitor from Florida asks:

So often we hear that God gave his only begotten son to the world to wipe away our sins. I am having a hard time putting the story in a metaphysical perspective. Is the one begotten son, “love?”

That’s a perfect question for this season of Advent, and it looks like you already have some insight into the answer! Our short answer: a resounding “Yes!” – but it’s so much more!

Remember that Metaphysically, every person, place and situation in scripture is a story about ourselves on the journey of the unfoldment of our Consciousness, both as a people, and as individuals. We hear the phrase “only begotten” and we tend to apply it to the man Jesus, instead of what he represents in our Consciousness. The “son” – the expression of God in human form – is us, and the “only begotten” is God expressing in and through us!

Yes, Jesus is an example of this, but each one of us is our own example, too. As we walk our path, we gain the awareness that seems to have come so naturally to Jesus (of course, he had his challenges, too!).

Jesus represents the birth of our spiritual awakening, which is what Advent is all about: preparing for the birth of the Christ child. Metaphysically, the “Christ child” is the awakening of the Christ Consciousness within us.

As our awareness grows (aka “unfoldment of our Consciousness”), we learn to express that God presence in more uplifting and rewarding ways, rising above (aka “wiping away”) our error-thinking (aka “sin”) that tends to slow us down on our journey. And when we are aware of our errors, that same God presence helps us learn to forgive ourselves, and learn not to repeat them!

With that, we don’t want to limit God. Yes, the “only begotten” is love, but it is so much more. It’s everything, but I’m sure love is right at the top of the list!

Remember, when you are contemplating the stories of Scripture, they are about you. Whether they are historically accurate really isn’t the point. It’s the lessons we learn from them. Ask yourself, “How does this story represent me on my journey?” “What can I learn from the lesson of this story?” and “How can this story teach me to be a better person?”

When you take time to contemplate these things, the truth – your truth – will be revealed!

Merry Christmas!