Swimming in emotions

A Facebook fan from South Carolina writes:

“Hi, I have been having a rough emotional time and I just had a dream I was swimming in a swimming pool. Can you help me understand this?”

Dear Facebook fan:

I don’t normally do dream interpretation, but this one is pretty straightforward. Water is a symbol for emotions, so dreaming of being in water would be natural during a time of highly emotional experiences. You didn’t describe your experience while swimming. If you were feeling a sensation of drowning or helplessness, it probably is just an indicator that you are feeling overwhelmed by your situation. If you felt like you were under pressure to swim harder/faster or in a competition, you might be feeling a sense of inadequacy with your situation – feeling like you need to do more. As you can see, your physical emotions end up playing out as symbols in your dreams. Not knowing any more details, that’s about all I can give you.

I would suggest that you remember one of our favorite phrases: Let Go and Let GOD! This means, trust in your situation, and that everything always works out. We tend to put much more of our energy (manifested as emotions – fear, worry, anger, etc.) into our situations than they deserve.

If you are struggling with a situation, try to step back and look at it as if you’re observing a stranger who is going through the same situation. Think about what advice you would give that person, and then follow it. All is in Divine order, whether we can see it or not, and things always work out one way or the other, no matter how much time we spend getting emotional (or not!). Why waste time getting worried, afraid or upset over something when you can look at it with peace of mind knowing and remembering it will all be okay, no matter how it turns out?

Have you ever had a situation that you weren’t able to survive? We might not always get what we want, but there is always an outcome that we can live with. Every situation has a positive side. Spend your time focusing on and appreciating the blessings in your situation, and the negative parts will generally work themselves out or fizzle out on their own, saving you a lot of time and trouble.

As for your dreams, I would recommend a dream interpretation book – there are many available through your local bookstore or online. Blessings!

Facebook fan wrote back:

“Thank you very much. While I was swimming, it was a very [enjoyable] experience. I swim back and forth from the deep end to the shallow end there where strangers all around waiting for their turn. Anyhow I do appreciate you taking time out to respond to my email message. Thank you for thinking enough of me to reply.”

Dear Facebook Fan:

We’re always glad to shed a little light. Sounds like it was a good dream. Based on what you described, I would say that your subconscious mind was helping you find peace in your situation – showing you that you can take a moment for yourself, without worrying about what everyone else (symbolized by strangers) needs or wants. Going from the deep end to the shallow end is probably a literal symbol of getting out of “deep water” – things are improving and you can find a little peace and enjoyment no matter where you are or what’s going on around you!

We all need to take a little “time out” occasionally, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you don’t meditate, this is a good reason to start! Finding that “quiet place” within helps you center yourself, like swimming did in your dream, and when you are centered and have balance in your life, the big things in life don’t seem quite so big!