Spider webs?

We recently received this question from a student that we thought we’d share with you:

Sometimes when I’m meditating, I feel a strange wispy sensation on my face, almost like I’m caught in a spider web. Any ideas why this happens?

We love questions like this – thanks for asking! That feathery or “spider-webby” feeling you sometimes get during meditation (or when you are feeling particularly connected with the spiritual realm) is most likely caused by ecoplasm, which is etherialized protoplasm that can emanate from your body. Your guides and teachers will work with this energy to connect with you and make their presence known. If a person has developed a particularly strong connection, this substance can be used to create voices or even physical appearances, or cause objects to move.

The feathery sensation is caused by the ectoplasm moving from (or returning to) the surface of your body – any orifice, including the pores of your skin. Someone who has worked with this energy extensively may experience phenomena like transfiguration, materialization and levitation:

  • Transfiguration is when the ectoplasm forms the image of a face over that of a living human, like a mask.
  • Materialization is when spirit uses ectoplasm from one or more people in a group to create a full image of a person, animal or other object that is visible to the human eye. This is most akin to the “apparitions” or “ghosts” that people sometimes see.
  • Sound is accomplished by forming ectoplasm into a “voice box” or “speaker” of sorts through which they can create audible sounds.
  • Levitation is when Spirit uses ectoplasm to lift and move an object through the air.

Keep in mind that these phenomena are unusual, and will not happen without your consent. Most physical phenomena occur in darkness or low light, because ectoplasm is sensitive to light, which causes it to dissipate quickly. Spirit can impress ideas in two ways: mentally and physically. Mental phenomena, which are much more common, are accomplished energetically through thought (you might see, hear, or realize something through your mind that no one else is aware of). Physical phenomena, which are far less common, are accomplished energetically through the use of available physical substance, in this case ectoplasm, which others can also see and/or hear.

The ectoplasmic experience is nothing to be alarmed about. To the contrary, it is a blessing to know that Spirit is able to work with you this way. Also remember that just because you are feeling the sensations, doesn’t mean the phenomena we described are actually happening, or will ever happen. Your guides and teachers are likely just tuning in to your energies as you become more in tune to theirs.

This can open the door to more amazing revelations if you are open to it and continue to meditate regularly with good intention. We encourage you to research this further. A good start is “Psychic Facts” and other booklets by Peggy Barnes (sometimes writing as Lena Barnes Jefts). Ms. Barnes spent many years exploring and teaching about metaphysical phenomena such as this.

Of course, always set your intention to bring in only the vibrations of the highest good. You wouldn’t leave the front door of your house open so that anyone could walk in. The same applies to your spiritual work. And if you are experiencing this on a regular basis, be sure to meditate in optimum conditions, where you know you will not be disturbed by unexpected interruptions or sudden bright light. Having someone else meditate with you, or at least ensure your privacy, can be helpful in this regard. Enjoy your adventure!

Many blessings!