Natural Law

Several students have asked:

What is this Natural Law I keep hearing about? I hear it mentioned in classes and discussions, but I’m still not sure what it really means.

Natural Law, or Universal Law, is a general topic covering a wide range of natural physical and spiritual laws that govern all things in the universe. Another term you might use is the “laws of nature.” Just as we understand that physics, math, chemistry and other sciences document reliable, dependable characteristics and behaviors of our physical world, we know that the unseen spiritual forces we experience have similar patterns and “rulesĀ· that they follow. The book The Secret goes into depth about the Law of Attraction, which is one example of Natural Law.

One of the foundations of Divine Metaphysics is that we do not believe in “miracles,” or that a personified God can “bend the rules” in response to our pleas. We understand that the things we perceive as “miraculous” have a logical cause and explanation, though we might not always understand the science behind them, based on our current level of understanding. For a real-life example of what we mean, think about radio. 150 years ago, the idea of radio was merely an imaginative dream. The idea that voices, sounds and music could travel through thin air and be heard thousands of miles away was pure fantasy. If someone in 1850 had observed a radio, or television, or even a telephone or a movie, these things would have seemed miraculous and impossible to them. Of course, in hindsight, we know better!

This principle also applies to non-physical realms, such as the phenomena of mediumship. Just because we can’t see and hear our loved ones in Spirit with our physical senses doesn’t mean they don’t exist Spirit is able to manifest different ways of communicating to give us evidence that we do continue to exist and have awareness after the death of our body.

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