It’s amazing what we can create with our thoughts

You’ve heard of the law of attraction. I’ve probably blogged about it. You hear it expressed in a lot of ways, but no matter how you express it, it’s an amazing thing. One of my biggest pet peeves is fake words, but there is one that I’m growing an appreciation for: “visioning.” It means focusing an image or thoughts in your head, and imagining that it has already come true. This sets off the energy of the Law of Attraction and what you “vision” starts happening.

It’s called “visioning” because we are actually creating a mental image as if it has already taken place. It is visioning that brings us the fancy new gadgets that are always coming about. Someone has a vision, and then the vision manifests. It’s not that they are necessarily creating the manifestation itself. They are simply opening the door and accepting that it is possible for the manifestation to occur. It’s like getting approval for an expense. Once the expense is approved, it opens the door for the money to be used to purchase what is needed. Only we’re not always talking about money. It could be a better attitude, healing, a new job, or a safe trip.

We actually do this all the time, and we don’t even realize it, but truthfully, we have a tendency to do it with negative things: “I hope XXX doesn’t happen,” “I’m sick,” “I’m never going to finish.” What we say and think creates manifestations of what we say and think. Visioning takes this concept and encourages us to put a positive spin on our thoughts – draw what we want, repel what we don’t. The key is not to use negative terms that could do harm. If there is someone who bothers you, you can choose to tell them to drop dead, or you can “vision” that they lose interest in you and find something more rewarding to do, or that they find what they need in someone else. You never want to wish harm on anyone, because what you put out can come back to you. We’re all part of the same universe, and when we harm our brothers and sisters, we hurt ourselves, so we always want to act with love and kindness.

Some folks I know are associated with a church that has been struggling with keeping a permanent minister, and keeping their congregation engaged. The board of trustees started a visioning program: Focusing on what they want, rather than dwelling on their lack. So they have lost most of their membership. That doesn’t mean they can’t be thankful for those who have remained loyal, and set out a vision to become a center of light that draws exactly what is needed for their highest good, and the highest good of all concerned.

If they say something negative like, “We aren’t succeeding,” they won’t. If they complain because they are losing their membership, they will. If they worry about having to close their doors because of failure, it will happen. So why not send out positive, loving thoughts? They will succeed, because they want to, and they are learning to use the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest positive things. A wise man I know says quite often, “Mind activates principle, which produces results.” Whether you are inventing something, or wishing real hard, this principle is true.

The words we use must be chosen carefully. Even words like “wish,” “need,” and “hope,” can be used negatively. If you wish for something, you are affirming that you don’t have it. If you need something, you are affirming lack in your situation. If you hope for something, you are also leaving room for the possibility that the opposite will happen.

And don’t put too many rules around it. We can vision healing, but don’t specify how it should be done – divine order will take care of that. If we put too many rules, we are restricting the energy, and could easily change the tone of the vision into something that isn’t what’s best for the situation. Always ask for what is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned – don’t be worried about what “that” is, just ask for it and let it happen. The more open and less judging your mind is, the more easily things manifest. This also acts as an insurance policy. If you accidentally ask for the wrong thing, the universe still responds with what is best for the situation. Just remember that it isn’t about what you want. It’s about what’s best.

Do you have something you need to “vision?” Here is a simple template, in the form of a simple prayer, which can be modified to fit just about any situation. Just be careful what you ask for! You might just get it.



We call on your loving, creative presence to guide and support us in our vision for [what you want], now and for the future. As we reflect on the blessings we receive every day, we visualize the [situation] immersed and blanketed in pure, white light. In this light, we find and manifest the [what you need most – just don’t say “need!”]. We visualize and manifest [wish list item] to [why it is important. Example: We visualize and manifest abundant, healthy food to nourish the homeless families in our community.] [Repeat for each specific thing you want to manifest.] And should these manifestations exceed our expectations, we visualize and manifest a [what to do with all the excess that you create – it will happen!]. Through this vision, our cup runneth over and for this we give thanks. All of this we set forth with an attitude of love, gratitude and caring warmth, not out of personal will and desire, but for the highest good of our [family, workplace, community, etc.] and its needs. Amen…