Guides and Teachers

One of our students asks:

How do I find out who my spirit guides are and what their names are?

This is a question we have been asked many times. Every person has spirit guides or “guardian angels” who resonate with our life path, our energy and our specific needs, to help with different aspects of our spiritual and physical existence. Each has a role, and like in our physical life, there are guides and teachers who specialize in different areas of expertise that we can call on. An experienced medium can help you determine your guides’ names, but even if you never learn their name, you can be confident that they are there to help you. You can speak with them at any time, and through meditation, you can develop a fruitful pattern of communication. To help you understand more about the roles of your guides and teachers, we have prepared a pamphlet that helps to answer some of the most common questions about guides and teachers:

Download our “Your Guides and Teachers” pamphlet (PDF Document)