Finding your way

A website visitor asks:

I love to develop my spiritual life, want know my purpose in life, I know that there must be a reason why am here, most importantly after many hard experiences, where do I start? I need help please.

We’ve been meditating on this, and the answer is always the same. You are living a spiritual life, fulfilling the purpose you came into this life to serve. The best way you can maintain your focus on your spirituality is by meditating. Meditation gives you the opportunity to turn away from the distractions of the physical world and connect with your higher self, your guides and spiritual teachers. As you do this, you will find inspiration on fulfilling your life path, and you will know the right path to take. Our “purpose” in life is something we choose to accomplish before coming into this world. Most of us are never aware of this decision, or that we are fulfilling it, but our soul finds ways to steer us to what we need to do. As you meditate, this path may become more clear, but even if it doesn’t, don’t worry. If there is something that inspires you, especially if it is a life-long dream, it probably has something to do with your “purpose.”

Remember that the challenges and obstacles that we perceive along our physical journey are lessons, not punishment. They are not meant to make you unhappy or discouraged. They are opportunities to learn, and to realize your true strength. Sometimes we experience these things for what we can learn from them, and sometimes it’s so we can participate in teaching someone else. You have successfully survived every test that has been presented to you, and you are here to prove it. And you are a better, stronger person because of it!

We have many choices on our eternal path, and when there is a fork in the road, it usually doesn’t matter which path you take. They all lead to the same place, though some paths will be longer, bumpier or more challenging to pass. Use your intuition, and listen for the answers that serve your highest good. As parents often say, what you need isn’t always what you want, but that’s okay. We come out stronger and better prepared on the other end when we can look back and see all that we have accomplished and gained. Taking the easy road might be more pleasant, but there are fewer opportunities for growth. We sometimes find ourselves going back and going through the same situations again until we experience what we need to.

When we do have challenges, we should be thankful for the opportunity, and remind ourselves of the blessings we have. It is a choice we have whether to let challenges hold us back or to inspire us forge ahead and do greater things. The path of inspiration is always more rewarding!

Regardless of your particular choices, one of the best ways to progress spiritually is through service – being of service to others. This may be through your occupation, or through your hobbies, or by volunteering your talents, time or money. Benjamin Franklin said, “God helps those who help themselves.” The Law of Attraction is the same thing in reverse – what you give out is returned to you. It’s an endless cycle: the more you can be of service, the more rewards you receive through satisfaction and feeling of success. It isn’t about glory. It’s about doing the right thing, even if no one else knows about it.

Blessings to you!