Developing as a psychic

A website visitor from New York asks:

How can I further develop my psychic gift? I would like to learn of any classes you might offer in the Long Island-New York area? Thanks and have a great day!

Thanks for your question. Everyone has the ability to touch in with psychic energies and can develop mediums hip. We often see the terms “psychic” and “medium” used interchangeably, however most people don’t realize that there is a distinct difference.

“Psychic” refers to sensing and working with the energies of others. We have an innate ability to sense the energies directly from people and other living things, however, many of us are not consciously aware of this ability. When we sense the tension in the air when someone is agitated or angry, this is a simple form of working with psychic energy. We can also work with the residual energy that we leave behind on objects, known as psychometry. This is why psychic detectives often ask for an object that belongs to a missing person.

Mediumship, on the other hand, is the ability to communicate with Spirit – those who have shed their physical bodies and continue to live on in spiritual form. Each of us is a spirit, and has the ability to communicate with other spiritual beings who continue to live on, despite the appearance of physical death.

When someone is giving a reading or doing similar work, they are most likely working with a combination of psychic and mediumship skills. Regardless of which one you are working with, the best way to develop your skills is the same as it is with physical activities: practice. Working with subtle energies takes time, effort and discernment. As with any skill, some people develop more easily than others. Some seem to have it “naturally,” while others may work for many years to achieve a breakthrough. Physical chemistry, mental outlook, beliefs and personal habits can have an effect on how long it takes to develop your skills. More importantly, it takes time and dedication. Through meditation, we learn to discern the nuances of different energies as we learn to quiet our physical mind and give our spiritual senses some “exercise.”

Taking classes is an excellent way to explore different forms of psychic/mediumship, and to determine what techniques and/or tools will work best for you. Though we do not have locations in the New York area at this time, you might search the Internet, new age magazines, or shops for Metaphysical or Spiritualist organizations in your area. These organizations typically offer classes and other opportunities for development and practice.

Best wishes on your journey.