Cooped up by the pandemic

A website visitor from South Carolina asks:

Many families are still cooped up together due to closed summer camps, day cares, and offices. That means instead of summer fun they’re likely experiencing more frequent arguments and annoyances

I thought it might be a good time to get advice out there about how to alleviate some of the most common issues causing tension in pandemic-weary households.

Would you be interested in an article on the topic? Thank you!

Thank you for reaching out to us! We are always happy to share our Metaphysical outlook on the events challenging our world, and we’d certainly be interested in preparing an article. Please send us the specifics about what you would need and where it will be published, and we’ll see what we can do to help!

Meanwhile, for the benefit of all of our readers, we recognize that peace of mind can be difficult to achieve, especially during trying times. Meditation is a great way to get out of the energy of worldly matters and into an energy of peace. And of course, meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit with your legs crossed like pretzels.

The benefits of meditation can be achieved in just about any activity that brings relaxation and peace to you. It’s as easy as taking a deep breath and reminding yourself: “I’m okay!” If that’s not enough, find something new and inspiring to do. Turn off the TV and social media and explore life! Read a funny book. Go for a walk in nature. Take up a hobby or learn a new craft. Anything you do that removes you from unproductive thoughts is a welcome opportunity to recognize and focus on the good in your life!

Another useful tool is mindfulness, which helps you become aware of emotions triggered by events in your life. Remember that the circumstances aren’t making you feel the way you do. You are feeling the way you do because of how you are responding to those circumstances. If you are finding yourself expressing in a less-than-positive way, stop and ask yourself why. Why are you allowing yourself to feel the way you do? What can you change about yourself so that you can respond differently to the situations around you? What can I learn about a situation that I might not have considered that would help me achieve greater understanding of what is happening in an objective way? Once you are aware of the true inner source of your emotional responses, it becomes much easier to respond to the external events in your life in positive, productive ways.

In terms of the pandemic itself, remember this benign, yet powerful phrase from scripture: “It came to pass…” Nothing in this world is permanent. You have survived everything in your life to this point, and you will survive this, too. It’s a great opportunity to think about what is important in your life, and to find new, creative and rewarding ways to fill your day with your family or on your own – whatever works for you. Take an online class. Learn a new language. Study about a notable figure in history. Go for a drive and enjoy the scenery. Crochet an afghan. The possibilities are endless!

Many blessings!