Change is good, even when it doesn’t seem that way

We hear a lot about 2012 and how people expect it to be the end of the world. The world isn’t going to end. It’s just the end of the Mayan calendar. Personally, I think the Mayans got to 2012 and figured it was so far off, that it didn’t really matter whether they kept counting – someone could figure out the rest when it got closer. They were right. How relevant is 2012 to the Mayans?! Continue reading “Change is good, even when it doesn’t seem that way”

Mind your own gossip

Life has taught me a lot about the nature of people and their need to understand things, even when it really isn’t something they need to know. Sometimes it’s out of concern, sometimes out of love, sometimes out of sheer nosiness. I recently discovered¬†The Four Agreements¬†by Don Miguel Ruiz, which teaches us how to create and live in our own reality without being dragged down by everyone else’s. Continue reading “Mind your own gossip”

We can rebuild: A day of remembrance

Most of my posts are inspired by my personal experiences and the lessons I learn from them. While this is personal for me, this blog is about you, and everyone else in our country. Today is September 11, the tenth anniversary of the tragic attacks on our cities. Yes, it’s personal for me, because I had my own experience, but every person in this nation also had an experience of reacting to the unexpected horror of being attacked by man-made missiles full of human lives. In hindsight, there have been far worse tragedies and disasters in history, where many thousands or millions of lives were lost. But this was different. We chose to take personally, because it was an invasion of our space, it happened in our lifetime, and it affected us, in many ways. Continue reading “We can rebuild: A day of remembrance”

The Rules of the Road apply when driving down Memory Lane

For those of you who don’t use Facebook, this will probably seem a little foreign, but bear with me, you’ll understand what I’m getting at. Someone, I’m not sure who, created a new Facebook group recently called “You are probably from Gaithersburg/Montgomery Village/Germantown if…” The idea was to get people to talk about their experiences growing up in what used to be a charming little bedroom communities that were once the outer reaches of Washington, DC, which have since outgrown their suburban adolescence and have become nearly-urban areas in their own right. I lived there for nine years in the 70s and 80s, and my mother moved back and lived there another 21 years on top of that, so I have LOTS of memories there, starting from 8th grade on. Apparently so do almost 1,700 other people, most of whom are my age, give or take a few years. And we all ran into each other at almost exactly the same time. Continue reading “The Rules of the Road apply when driving down Memory Lane”

Give and let give

In our modern society, despite the impressions of folks from other parts of the world to the contrary (and sometimes rightfully so), we Americans are pretty well trained to be modest, at least when it comes to accepting gifts. We are supposed to do nice things for other people, but it is sometimes difficult to let people do nice things for us. Either we are embarrassed, or feel like we need to repay the favor, or we question a person’s motives for their kindness. Either way, we are blocking the flow of energy. When we give, we feel good, but when we receive, we feel sometimes feel guilty or like we are taking advantage of someone. “It’s better to give than to receive,” they say, but how can one thing happen without the other? Continue reading “Give and let give”

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