You deserve a break today

The fourth commandment reminds us to “Remember the Sabbath day and treat it as holy.” (Exodus 20:8 CEB). The scripture goes into more specifics about which day and how to do it, but I’m not here to preach about reserving Saturday (or Sunday if you prefer) to eschew all work in order to focus on God. The true lesson in the Sabbath is not about honoring a specific day, or doing it in any particular way, but you are certainly welcome to live by the ancient advice literally, if you so choose. Continue reading “You deserve a break today”

Watch it!

Social media seems to have made us all into armchair experts on the things going on around us in the world. We see and hear something on TV, in the news, on Twitter or Facebook, and it gets repeated as fact, over and over again by strangers, family, friends. How many times do we see this happen, but we know better, and set out with the determination of a game hunter to correct them? It becomes the battle of will – who has the strongest message, the most compelling point. If only they would just listen! Continue reading “Watch it!”

Make lemonade

A friend online recently lost his job. He posted a picture of the letter letting him go. Contrary to how many of us would choose to react, this guy was ecstatic. He realized that by letting go of the job he thought he depended on, his life was now open to new and exciting opportunities that give him the chance to express and experience life his way. Continue reading “Make lemonade”

Judge not

I have never considered myself a religious person, and I don’t discuss my spirituality in public very often. All my life, I had my own unique relationship with God, without having any person or a specific church telling me how to do it. I consider myself a spiritual person, and I gladly serve my denomination in a robe. Even before finding a church that aligns with my personal spirituality, God and I always got along just fine, and I think I have become a more decent person for it. I believe in values embraced by Jesus, including: Continue reading “Judge not”

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