A student asks:

What is an apport?

Great question. An apport is a phenomenon where an object is dematerialized from one location and rematerialized in a different location, typically shared as evidence (and as a gift) of an entity in Spirit. Yes, the word sounds a little like “airport,” and the whole thing sounds like science fiction, but there is science behind it.

There are a variety of laws in nature that govern how things work. And just as we know these laws work, we also accept that the Universe can’t just randomly bend or suspend these laws to accomplish something specific. Therefore, when something unexplained or miraculous happens, it isn’t necessarily a “miracle,” but rather an example of a law that we haven’t achieved understanding of yet.

With that foundation, let’s look at the phenomenon of apports. We know through atomic science that everything is made up of building blocks forming the elements of nature, known as atoms. Those atoms bind to each other in a certain way to create what we see (and sometimes can’t see, like air) in the world around us. Some occur naturally, and some are manufactured, but the concept is the same.

It is accepted by science that there are vast amounts of space between the particles of atoms. Our perception of solid items and liquids is because of the structure of the atoms bonding to each other, even though we can’t see the spaces in between. Those particles, even in an object at rest, are always moving and vibrating. Okay, enough chemistry.

There is a newer field of science that we are learning more about, called quantum mechanics or quantum physics – the study of sub-atomic particles and their behavior. One of the principles is that the bonds between atomic particles have a type of memory, or perhaps consciousness, which causes them to remember how they are bound. The energy of those bonds can be mirrored in similar atoms in another location, so they behave in a synchronized way. In other words, It’s like tossing a tennis ball in the air in New York, and another ball in Australia responds by moving the same way, except instead of tennis balls, it’s happening at a sub-atomic level.

With these things in mind, it should be possible for atoms to be broken apart and reassembled in the same configuration, either with the same atoms, or with another set of atoms of the same type. That is the science behind apports (or teleportation, if you are a Star Trek fan!)

It is believed by many that the spirit of a person and his or her personality survive after their physical body dies. Without the constraints of the physical body, a person in Spirit can communicate, and in some cases, manipulate energy and matter through thought. Under ideal conditions, certain kinds of energy and matter that exist in the human body can be used and manipulated on a limited basis to create visible manifestations of spirits and objects, or to create pictures and even written messages. It is this same manipulation of energy that Spirit can use to dematerialize an object and rematerialize it in a different location, which we call an apport.

Apports tend to be kind of a spiritual “lost and found,” the sharing of items that have significance to the person to whom they are given, or at least no significance to anyone else, such as stones and arrowheads – things that can be found outside of any specific person’s possessions. (Stealing isn’t ethical!) Lost objects belonging to a person are known to have been returned to their owner via apportation.

That’s kind of a quick science lesson, and how it has been explained to us. We hope that helps!

Many blessings…