Welcome to Metaphysical Q&A, a website about all things Metaphysical and Spiritual. The idea was born from a small section of a website for a Metaphysical learning center in Maryland, which closed in 2014. We have preserved this Q&A forum on its own website so you can learn more about Divine Metaphysics, and find honest, straightforward answers to your questions.

On some older posts, you may see references to classes, students and Facebook fans that pertained to our predecessor website. We felt the questions were important enough to re-post, despite the outdated references.

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Meanwhile, peruse our site. In the menu, you will find links to much information about the science, philosophy and religion of Divine Metaphysics and places where you can go to take classes, worship and learn more about your Spiritual unfoldment. You will also find a blog called “Lessons Learned” which provides thoughts, inspirations and commentary about living spiritually based on Metaphysical principles.

If you are traveling in the mountains of western North Carolina, and have a need for that brick-and-mortar experience, please stop by The Meditation Center in Sylva, NC, which offers a variety of classes and activities focusing on meditation and “finding your peace.”

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